What does LAN stand for?

Local Area Network

What does LAN stand for?

A. Local Area Network

B. Link Access Node

C. Limited Area Connection

D. Logical Access Node



A. Local Area Network

More Details on Local Area Network

  • A Local Area Network (LAN) is a network of interconnected devices within a limited geographic area, such as a home, office, or school.
  • LANs are designed for close proximity communication, allowing devices like computers, printers, and smartphones to share resources and information efficiently.
  • They are commonly used for local data sharing, file transfer, internet access, and the facilitation of local communication within an organization.
  • LANs are typically faster and more reliable than wide-area networks (WANs) because of their smaller coverage area.
  • LANs often use technologies like Ethernet or Wi-Fi for wired or wireless connections, respectively.
  • LANs play a crucial role in modern networking and are a fundamental component in connecting devices within a confined area.

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