Shortcut Key Redo

Shortcut Key Redo

What is the “Shortcut Key Redo” action in most software applications?

A) Ctrl + Z

B) Ctrl + Y

C) Ctrl + X

D) Ctrl + R


B) Ctrl + Y

More Details on Shortcut Key Redo

  • Ctrl + Y is commonly used as the shortcut key for redoing an action in various software applications.
  • This shortcut is particularly useful when you want to revert to a previously undone action.
  • Redo functionality allows users to efficiently correct mistakes or repeat actions without manually performing them again.

Shortcut Key Redo: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Ctrl + Y work in all applications for redoing?

A: Ctrl + Y is a standard shortcut for redoing actions in many software applications, but some programs may have different shortcuts or may not support redo functionality at all.

Q: Can I customize the redo shortcut key?

A: In some applications, you may be able to customize keyboard shortcuts, including the redo shortcut. However, this option depends on the software’s settings and capabilities.

Q: What if Ctrl + Y doesn’t redo my action?

A: If Ctrl + Y doesn’t redo your action, it’s possible that the application you’re using has a different shortcut for redoing or does not support redo functionality. Check the application’s documentation or settings for more information.

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