Shortcut Key Alt+F4

Shortcut Key Alt+F4

What does pressing the shortcut key Alt + F4 do on a Windows computer?

A) Opens the Task Manager

B) Closes the current window

C) Minimizes all open windows

D) Locks the computer


B) Closes the current window

More Details on shortcut key Alt + F4

  • Alt + F4 is a common keyboard shortcut used in Windows operating systems.
  • It is used to close the currently active window or application.
  • This shortcut can be handy for quickly closing programs or windows without using the mouse.
  • It is essential to use this shortcut cautiously, as it will close the active window without any confirmation dialogue.
  • Using Alt + F4 can help streamline your workflow by quickly closing unnecessary windows.
  • Some applications may have specific functions assigned to Alt + F4, so it’s essential to be aware of its functionality in different contexts.
  • This shortcut can be particularly useful when dealing with multiple open windows or when you need to quickly close a program.

Shortcut Key Alt + F4: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can Alt + F4 be used to shut down the computer?

A: No, Alt + F4 only closes the currently active window or program. To shut down the computer, you can use other shortcuts like Alt + F4 while on the desktop or the Windows key + X followed by U to shut down.

Q: Does Alt + F4 work in all applications?

A: Generally, Alt + F4 works in most Windows applications to close the active window. However, some applications may have overridden this shortcut with different functionality.

Q: Is there a way to customize or disable Alt + F4?

A: Yes, you can customize or disable keyboard shortcuts in Windows settings. However, it’s not recommended to disable Alt + F4 entirely, as it’s a standard shortcut used for closing windows.

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