What is the expanded form of the term ‘Bit’?

Binary Digit

What is the expanded form of the term ‘Bit’?

A. Binary Information Token

B. Basic Information Transfer

C. Binary Digit

D. Byte Initiation Tag



C. Binary Digit

More Details on Binary Digit

  • A Binary Digit or Bit is the smallest unit of data in computing and digital communication.
  • It can have one of two values, typically represented as 0 or 1, reflecting the binary system’s base-2 nature.
  • Bits are fundamental in computer architecture and digital information processing.
  • Multiple bits are grouped to represent more complex data, such as bytes, which consist of 8 bits.
  • The binary system is the foundation of digital computing, where various combinations of 0s and 1s are used to encode and represent all kinds of information.
  • Bits are integral to tasks like data storage, data transmission, and logical operations in computers.
  • They enable the representation of numbers, text, images, and more through binary encoding.

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