What is the default port number for HTTP communication?

What is the default port number for HTTP communication

What is the default port number used for HTTP communication?

A) Port 80

B) Port 8080

C) Port 443

D) Port 2


A) Port 80

More Details on HTTP Port

  1. Default Port for HTTP: Port 80
  2. Alternative Port: Port 8080
  3. Secure HTTP (HTTPS) Port: Port 443
  4. FTP Port: Port 21

HTTP Port Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Port 80 the default for HTTP?

A: Port 80 is designated as the default for HTTP to simplify web communication. It allows web browsers to connect to web servers without users needing to specify the port number in the URL.

Q: When might Port 8080 be used for HTTP?

A: Port 8080 is often used as an alternative HTTP port. This can be handy in scenarios where the default port 80 is already in use or for testing/development purposes.

Q: What is the significance of Port 443 in HTTP?

A: Port 443 is used for secure HTTP communication (HTTPS). It employs encryption to secure data transmission between the web browser and the server, providing a higher level of security compared to unencrypted HTTP.

Q: Is it common for a web server to use a port other than 80 for HTTP?

A: Yes, it is common for web servers to use ports other than 80 for HTTP. This is often seen in development environments or when configuring multiple web services on the same server.

Q: Why is Port 21 mentioned, and how is it related to HTTP?

A: Port 21 is associated with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and is not directly related to HTTP. Its inclusion in the options serves to highlight the specificity of the HTTP default port (Port 80).

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